Products & Services

Our products are developed for Hospitality and POA (Property Owners Association) industries. For Hospitality industry we offer around 26 modules which can operate independently to handle an entire section of a client’s hospitality needs.

We are constantly enhancing and developing our products to keep up with the rapidly growing global demands and introducing new solutions for our clients’ satisfaction.

Our application is compatible with every available modern device, specially our award winning Mobile App which has been talk of the town globally and not to forget Gate House security access, chef’s dream Kitchen Display System and the new Smart Inventory for managing inventory using a cell phone.

We offer Accounting, F&B including Restaurants, Banquet and Catering, Retail Sales, Lodging, Golfing, Leisure Activities, Inventory, Marina and may more Apps to handle every aspect of a client’s need. Our POA (Property Owners Association) offer every service imaginable, from using mobile phone to locate a property to rental agreements, maintenance, security and so much more.

All Sibisoft services are further complimented by 24/7 support.

All our products which are sold globally since 2003, have been developed in our Karachi office and marketed internationally by Northstar Technologies.

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